Diving in Portland

Dorset benefits from miles of coastline with a variety of different habitats from reefs to an abundance of historic shipwrecks. This variety and accessibility makes Dorset a paradise for divers at all levels and from a Portland base you are in the middle to exploit this natural bounty.

The area is probably most famous for the extensive variety of wreckage scattered around the coast. There are wrecks suitable for all levels of diving from the beginner to the most experienced technical divers and the wrecks represent every historic watercraft. Old sailing vessels with precious cargos to relics of the two World Wars there really is something for everyone.

There are a number of dive companies that operate from Portland and we are lucky enough to be opposite Scimitar Diving, literally 30 yards from our doors. They run 3 boats and cater for experienced divers as well as those still in training. They also have state-of-the-art gas mixing facilities.

Where to go

Scimitar Diving, opposite the Royal Breakwater Hotel, can cater for all your needs. For more information please visit Scimitar Diving.

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