Windsurfing at Portland

Portland Harbour is also the windsurfers perfect location. Convenient parking can be found in the pay and display car park at the Fleet Nature Reserve Centre on Chesil Beach. Directly accross the road is the Hamm Beach offering easy access to shallow water. When crossing the grassland please make use of the boardwalks provided to avoid damaging plants and wild life.

Speed & Stability

Portland Harbour windsurfing conditions are near perfect. With south-westerly winds coming over Chesil Beach the water is flat and the wind smooth. The water is also pretty shallow, sometimes too shallow in places so get a tide table. These conditions make it a very good place for all levels of windsurfer and is also why the harbour hosts Speed Week each year. Normally held around mid October the speed week is open to all types of craft.

Where to go

Launching facilities, equipment hire and tuition can all be found close at hand at the Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy

For all things speed check out Weymouth Speed Week