Sight Seeing in Portland, Dorset

Considering the size of Portland it sure packs in the places you should visit. Portland Bill usually springs to mind when people talk of Portland and it is certainly worth a visit with its 3 lighthouses, Pulpit Rock and rugged beauty. Church Ope has a great beach with Rufus Castle and the ruins of St Andrews Church on the walk down to the cove with it's pirate graves.

At the top of Church Ope lies the Portland Museum and at the top of the Island lies Tout Quarry with its sculpture park. Carry on to the northern tip of the island and you find the very well preserved Portland Castle lying on the edge of the equally impressive Portland Harbour and overlooking the new Portland Marina. On a trip to Portland it would be almost impossible to miss the start of the famous 18 miles of Chesil Beach.

If wildlife is more for you then again you will not be disappointed. Rare plants including many species of orchid can be found across Portland as can rare birds as Portland lies on a major migration route. Rare butterflies are encouraged by the 2 butterfly reserves on Portland and whales and dolphins have been seen on a regular basis along the coast. At the end of a busy day sightseeing sit on the top of West Cliff and watch the sun dip below the sea in a spectacular sunset.

Where to go

As you will have read there is so much to see and do while you are here it would take too long to list everything. However, when you are here we would encourage you to speak to our knowledgable staff who can tell you exactly where you need to go based upon your interests.